Exciting News: Sunmeter Now Compatible with Solar Log©

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Solar Log data logger combines smart functionality with greater flexibility for more efficient control, management and monitoring of PV plants

We’re thrilled to announce a collaboration with Solar Log,Thanks to this partnership, Sunmeter is now fully compatible with all models of Solar Log data loggers, making monitoring your solar systems easier and more seamless than ever before.

Whether you’re a Solar Log user already or considering integrating Sunmeter into your solar setup, you’ll find our connection and configuration manual readily available on our website. Simply visit the link below to access everything you need to know about integrating Sunmeter with Solar Log:

Sunmeter Compatibility Manual

Please note that to ensure compatibility with Solar Log, you’ll need to request it specifically. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your solar monitoring experience with Sunmeter!

For more information or assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated teams:

For inquiries in Italy:
📧 PV Data Srl – Ora (BZ)
✉️ Email: service@pv-data.net
📞 Tel: +39 0471 631032 /1
👤 Contact: Mr. Gollin

For inquiries outside Italy:
📧 Solar-Log GmbH – Geislingen-Binsdorf (DE)
✉️ Email: [Please insert appropriate email]
📞 Phone: +49 (0)7428 / 4089-300

Alternatively, you can contact us directly:
📧 Soluzione Solare srl – Vicenza
✉️ Email: info@soluzionesolare.it
📞 Tel: +39 0444530234


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