Improving TEMMETER: high quality, accuracy and affordability

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Improving TEMMETER: high quality, accuracy and affordability

A faster response to temperature changes, higher precision and easier installation, all at a lower cost – find out why the new Temmeter is our best temperature sensor yet!

Market demand

Solar industry investors and management, are demanding ever more accurate measurements in order to evaluate energetic and financial performances.

The assessment of photovoltaic plant performance (P/R) is carried out by many monitoring systems for photovoltaic plants.

Soluzione Solare have designed a new photovoltaic module temperature gauge, Temmeter, which is based on a PT100 temperature sensor.


Adhesive fixing replaces mechanical spring fixing, making it a more economical solution than Temmeter PRO, without compromising efficiency!

In fact, for planning purposes, a more economical temperature sensor was designed by simplifying its construction, without diminishing any of its measurement accuracy.

Here are some of the improvements in Temmeter, our new temperature sensor:

  • Faster response to changes in temperature (< 5 seconds for increasing temperature; < 25 seconds for decreasing temperature);
  • Strong adhesion to surfaces with low surface tension such as Tedlar;
  • Measurement precision above the required standards of a PT100 class A sensor;
  • Shielded cable.

Furthermore, the white plastic casing which is resistant to high temperatures and not hygroscopic, has a neutral behavior in temperature measurement. On the other hand, a metallic coating would tend to show the eventual radiation received in terms of an increase in temperature, which influences the size of the body temperature to be measured.

Temmeter is a temperature sensor which, whilst maintaining the typical high quality of Soluzione Solare products, offers an economical option for monitoring temperature.

Easy installation and superb reliability making Temmeter a great choice for monitoring a solar plant.

Find out more

On request, Temmeter can be shipped with an M8 3 poles connector, allowing connection to our 485 Sunmeter photovoltaic sensor: simplifying wiring and reading processes whilst allowing you to directly manage and read the Temmeter data digitally.

To whomever would request it, the diagrams of the comparative tests carried out are available.

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