The instrumental drift of solarimeter solar cells

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The instrumental drift of solarimeter solar cells

Our factory use a stabilization treatment on the photovoltaic cells in our solar sensors.

After years of recalibration experience we have observed that the instrumental drift in our sensors after 18 months is less than 3%.

This data is very positive as it gives us proof that the preconditioning of the cell we developed has improved over the years – a NECESSARY CONDITION for us to obtain high quality, reliable products. For recently produced solarimeters constantly exposed to the sun in the last 12, 15 and 18 months; the instrumental drift has decreased further to an average of 2%.

By comparison, consider that a few years ago the instrumental drift of these sensors could even reach 15%.

There are two reasons behind these great results:

  1. The experience we have accumulated in cell preconditioning.
  2. Improvements in the intrinsic quality of the crystalline silicon cells over the last few years.

Sunmeter and Litemeter are devices that enclose this technological improvement. For further information contact us or visit the products section.


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