Sunmeter Pro Certified by Fraunhofer Institute

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Sunmeter pro certified is a digital photovoltaic pyranometer (or silicon irradiance sensor) calibrated by fraunhofer ise (dakks accred.)

Generally, the spectral response of a PV cell is limited at certain wavelengths by the ability of the semiconductor to absorb photons with energies within the band gap 350nm to 1150nm. For comparison, a Class A thermopile pyranometer measures the wavelength ranging from 300nm to 3000nm which creates unnecessary noise and uncertainties in the measurements. On the other hand, our photovoltaic pyranometer sensor provides more appropriate measurements for the calculation of PR (Performance Ratio) as it measures the portion of wavelength in Solar irradiance or Sun radiation ranging from 350nm to 1150nm which the range of interest of PV systems. The measurement values of a thermopile pyranometer and a photovoltaic pyranometer differs by a value 3-7% due to various reasons like IR, UV and other day to day conditions. The photovoltaic cell used in this sensor has been calibrated by Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (DAKKS accred.)

Key features

  • Calibration performed by Fraunhofer was done under standard test conditions (STC) in accordance with IEC 60904-1 with a pulsed solar simulator class A+A+A+
  • Consist of Monocrystalline silicon cell
  • Inbuilt TZOS® technology for measurement
  • IEC 60904-2 compliant, RS485 standard Modbus RTU for reliable signals up to 500m from the data-logger
  • IEC EN 61724-1 compliant (standard for PV Monitoring Systems)
  • Uses temperature compensation for more accurate reading.
  • Performance decline of less than 1.5% per year.
  • Digital output, compatible with most of data-loggers.
  • Higher weather resistance.
  • IEC EN 61215 par.10,11,12 compliant (product aging).
  • Mounting brackets for easy installation.
  • High calibration of temperature data for an error less than 1%
  • FREE 12 month recalibration service included.


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