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News for installers: fully anodized body for Sunmeter and Litemeter Voltage

Casings for the new SUNMETER and LITEMETER Voltage are made of fully anodized aluminum for a more resistant product over time. The anodic oxidation is the electro-chemical process that generates an oxide film stably present on the metal surface. In addition to the aesthetic improvement, anodizing increases the durability of the surface, the abrasion and corrosion resistance in environments like photovoltaic fields where there are obvious electrostatic and induced currents that cause galvanic corrosion. Moreover, the RS485 SUNMETER case now has a M8 3-pin connector for getting direct input to the modules temperature sensor.

Completely avoid installing a junction!

This will allow the installer to avoid the installation of a junction box which is usually installed immediately downstream of the female connector, thus allowing time saving and an increase reliability due to the lack of possible water leaks in the connections made for the temperature sensor of the modules.

Advantages of fully anodized body:

  • More resistant and durable product.
  • Undoubtedly a more aesthetically pleasing product.
  • No need to install a junction.
  • Quicker installation.
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