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New Product – Temmeter 485 (TM3-485 PRO ® & TM4-485)

Temmeter 485 is a high resistance digital temperature sensor convertor for photovolatic modules (solar panel), based on a PT100 temperature sensor.

TEMMETER-485 (TM3-485 PRO ® & TM4-485) are 2 temperature sensor convertors to RS-485 modbus output.


  • Both the probes have a very good complementary to the usage of a thermopile pyranometer.
  • They do not have a socket for the module’s temperature sensors, so they are a perfect advantageous product as a resistive temperature sensor convertor in the usage of thermopile pyranometer.
  • Faster response to changes in temperature (< 5 seconds for increasing temperature; < 25 seconds for decreasing temperature);
  • Strong adhesion to surfaces with low surface tension such as Tedlar;
  • Measurement precision above the required standards of a PT100 class A sensor;
  • Shielded cable.

Key features 

TM4-485 differs from the TM3-485 model for the accuracy also you can identify the respective probes with their labels. Both have 2 input channel for temperature measurements so there are either 2 points of module temperature or 1 module temperature sensor and 1 ambient temperature sensor. FREE 12 month recalibration service included.


For further information about Temmeter 485, Visit the product page – Click here


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