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A research institute in Ghana has partnered with us for performing a scientific research activity based on Agrivoltaics. The research activity is planned to setup in two sites (North and South Ghana).

To know about what Agrivoltaics fundamentally mean – The simultaneous use of land for solar photovoltaic electricity generation and agriculture is known as agrivoltaics. The design of agrivoltaic facilities may need to compromise on goals like maximizing crop yield, crop quality, and energy production because the coexistence of solar panels and crops suggests a sharing of light between these two types of production. However, in some instances crop yield rises as a result of the solar panels’ shade reducing some of the stress that high temperatures and UV damage cause on plants.

Through the creation of synergies between renewable energies and agriculture, agrovoltaics offers an effective, efficient, and innovative solution to the competition for land use while promoting sustainable rural development and the preservation of biodiversity and the environment.

Our part in this project

For this Project, we are providing support for complete setup plan, supplying our sensors and also outsourcing few products.

Our Products

  • Sunmeter PAR
  • Envmeter-485 pro
  • TM3 sensor
Outsourced Products
  • Datalogger
  • Soil Humidity sensor
  • Rain gauge
We are glad to be a part of this research activity which makes a step forward towards the betterment of life and nature in a sustainable way.


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