Analog Solar Irradiance Sensor – Litemeter Current

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Litemeter Current is an analog  photovoltaic pyranometer (irradiance sensor) equipped with a monocrystalline silicon cell for high efficiency, and temperature compensated output. Manufacturing and Calibrations are done following the IEC 61215, IEC 60904-2; 60904-4; 60904-10 regulations. Analog Irradiance Sensor - Litemeter Current It needs an external power supply.The 4-20mA current loop output allows to obtain reliability and a high rejection to signal noise. This guarantees quality signal even at long distances (30m and more) also in areas with many electromagnetic disturbances like industrial areas and photovoltaic systems greater than 100 Kw. The current output 4-20mA allows the analog signal to remain unchanged in cases whereas the distance between the sensor and the control unit is 10m and more, or in disturbed areas. Distance up to 20-35m are attainable if there’s no signal interference. Litemeter Current is simple, affordable and easy to install.


All Litemeters are calibrated with our Class A Silicon Reference Cell, itself periodically calibrated by the Dakks accredited ISFH Institute and a HP34410A Multimeter.
Note: the terms irradiance sensor, photovoltaic pyranometer, reference cell and solarimeter are interchangeable. On this site we will use photovoltaic pyranometer. To learn more click here.

Common uses

Despite being our smallest Litemeter, the LM1-420 has lots of potential. Although it is usually employed in smaller PV systems, thanks to its high EMC immunity, Litemeter Current can also be used in larger photovoltaic systems.

Key features

  • Output 4-20 mA
  • Power supply 8-30Vdc
  • Easy to use
  • Calibrated with a Sunmeter reference which is adjusted every 6 months on the K&Z CMP22 pyranometer of the Teolo Weather Center
  • Complies with IEC 60904
  • Quick mounting bracket for easy installation.


NAME Litemeter Current
PRODUCT LM1-420 – analog solarimeter
REFERENCE IEC 60904-2; 60904-4; 60904-10;
OUTPUT Current 4÷20 mA(maximum output: 25mA)
Output precision Irradiance ±3.5% temperature compensated
Temperature -25÷+80 °C
Calibration Calibrated with our Class A Silicon Reference Cell, itself periodically calibrated by the Dakks accredited ISFH Institute and a HP34410A Multimeter
Response time < 100 milliseconds
Sensor type Solarimeter with temperature compensation
Supply Ext. Current loop 12÷30 Vdc
Encapsulant Transparent resin, UV-resistant ( IEC 60904-2 )
Cable 50cm UV and high temperature resistant cable
Connector Female 3 pin (IP67 degree)
Dimensions 48x62x15 mm without mounting bracket


Protection against lightening

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