EnvMeter Temperature Sensor

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EnvMeter is a high precision temperature Sensor based on a PT100 temperature sensor, and designed for meteorological use. A special screen protects the temperature sensor from precipitation and uses natural ventilation for a short response time. Direct exposure to the sun should be avoided. It works from -40°C to 110°C. The PT100 thermal sensor is ready for use. It therefore does not require any particular assembly. Install in a shady place, one meter above the ground.

Key features

  • Fast speed of response to temperature variation (<5 seconds, high thermal transmittance).
  • Measurement precision above the required standards (PT100 class 1/3 DIN sensor).
  • 3/4 wires out.
  • Shielded cable.
  • Equipped with temperature sensor certificate.
  • Easy installation.


PRODUCT Temperature Sensor
REFERENCE STANDARD IEC 60751 (class B), DIN43760 (KL. B)
OUTPUT Analogical Impedance variation(PT100 Δ ± 0.5°C)
Sensor casing White PA6 (nylon) enhanced for outdoor uses
Sensor type Platinum thermal resistor PT100 class B placed to ensure high heat trasmittance.
Response rate <= 5 seconds. x ΔT ≥ 2°C
Box In PA6 (nylon) with cap and screws to access to 4 pins terminal blocks for cables up to 4 wires
Sensor dimensions Box: 70 x 40 x 35h mm Sensor tube: 70 high x 15mm diameter
Precision ± 0.5°C
Working temperature -40 ÷ +110°C
Cable 2m with 3 poles, shielded, with external insulation. UV and temperature proof. *
Connector 3 poles M8 IP67 / loose pins (white – red)**
EnvMeter temperature sensor cable 3 poles M8 IP67+cable length 2m ** Compatible with Sunmeter and Sunmeter Pro (see respective datasheets)
Envmeter conductors 4 conductors (white and red) L= 3m or specify *
Installation For reliable readings, install the temperature sensor in a shaded position, out of direct sunlight, and at least 1.5 meters above the ground.
* when ordering please specify cable and length required ** when ordering please specify version (M8 connector or loose pins)



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