PYR2-420 – Class C Thermopile Pyranometer

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PYR2-420 is an ISO 9060 Class C (Second Class) Thermopile Pyranometer.

It has a simpler construction than the Class B, but uses the same high quality materials.

Class C Thermopile Pyranometer casing

As the Class C is equipped with the same electronics as the Class B, the signal has a high level of linearity and noise rejection. The signal is normalized in the 4 to 20mA range.

This analog output mode of the signal (current loop) is characterized by a simple wiring (cable with 2 wires), and a high immunity to electromagnetic interference and interference caused by distances of over ten meters.

This instrument is suitable for measuring solar power and monitoring the efficiency of photovoltaic systems when a precision of 5% – 10% is sufficient.

Note: the terms solarimeter, irradiance sensor, pyranometer and calibrated cell are interchangeable. On this site we will use irradiance sensor. To learn more click here.

Key features of a Class C Thermopile Pyranometer

  • Thermopile sensor
  • Single dome in hemispherical optical type glass with high transparency
  • Anodized aluminum body ideal for outdoor use
  • Output on RS485 modbus line, f.s. 1600W/ m2 (± 2W) for distances up to 500m
  • 50m current loop cable
  • High weather resistance
  • ISO 6090 compliant
  • Accurate calibrations with a Secondary Standard (Class A Pyranometer) rechecked every 12 months.


PRODUCT Class C Thermopile Pyranometer
REFERENCE STANDARD ISO 9060:1990, ISO 9060:2018
OUTPUT 4-20 mA current loop
Calibration ISO9847 compiant With a Secondary Standard Pyranometer, certified calibration
Prectral Sensitivity 300-2900 nm
Input range Irradiance 0-1600 W/m2
Response time < 25 seconds
Resolution Smallest change detected ± 8W/m2
Working temperature -40 to +80°C
Output Current Loop 4-20mA normalized output
Precision Tilt response angle (0-90°) ± 4%
Response temperature ( ∆t = 50°K) < 8%
Supply 9-30v DC protected against short circuit
Encapsulation Quarzo [k5] dome Optical glass with elevated transparency: 0.3-3 μm
Case Anodized Aluminum
Connectors standard M8 3 pin female
Dimensions 162mm diameter x 104mm height

(1) recommended recalibration within 20-24 months to maintain the specifications declared in calibration



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