Analog Solar Radiation & Temperature Sensor – Litemeter Voltage Pro

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Litemeter Voltage Pro is an analog photovoltaic pyranometer for measuring solar radiation and temperature ideal for monitoring medium-sized photovoltaic systems. Manufacturing and calibrations are IEC 61215, IEC 60904-2, 60904-4 and 60904-10 compliant.

Litemeter Voltage Pro product is ABB approved for stringboxes, EVO dataloggers and for some inverter models.

Physical features

The Silicon photovoltaic cell is laminated with E.V.A. and a high performing antireflective glass for photovoltaic modules. It guarantees the maximum precision in the measurement of irradiance and provides a measurement of the indicative temperature of the photovoltaic modules next to it.

It has an anodized aluminum housing for high durability, practical mounting bracket with screw clamp and a UV-resistant cable.

Litemeter Voltage Pro has two signal outputs in voltage: one for solar irradiance and one for temperature. The solar irradiance signal is temperature compensated; allowing readings that are independent of cell temperature.


All Litemeters are calibrated with our Class A Silicon Reference Cell, itself periodically calibrated by the Dakks accredited Fraunhofer Institute in Germany and a HP34410A Multimeter.

Note: the terms solarimeter, irradiance sensor, pyranometer and calibrated cell are interchangeable. On this site we will use irradiance sensor. To learn more click here.

Common uses

Its reliability and precision make Litemeter Voltage Pro suitable for monitoring medium-sized systems.

Key features

  • Temperature compensated
  • Two 0-10V outputs: irradiance and cell temperature
  • Mounting bracket
  • Aluminum body
  • Error less than 4%
  • IEC EN 61215 par.10,11,12 compliant (product ageing)
  • Calibrations according to IEC 60904
  • Order code that allows you to obtain the most suitable sensor for your climate zone


PRODUCTLM1-10V PRO is a solar radiation & temperature sensor (solarimeter)
REFERENCE STANDARD IEC 60904-2; 60904-4; 60904-10;
Output 2 analog channels
Input range Irradiance: 0 – 1200 W / m2
Spettral range 0.3μm – 1.1μm
Temperature -30 to +85 °C
Output signal Irradiance 0-10 V for 0-1200W/m2 factory calibrated
Temperature 0-10V for -20 – 80°C(V=1.84 +0.092xT[°C]) guaranteed by design
Output precision Irradiance ± 3.5%
Temperature ± 1.5 °C
Response time < 100 milliseconds
Sensor type Solarimeteter with two analog channels
Supply External 12 – 30V DC
Encapsulant Glass + E.V.A. + Poliester
Wire 3m or 60cm with M8 4 pin connector
Connector Standard M8 4 pin or not present (4+1 pin)
Dimensions 55x98x20,5 mm without fixing bracket


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