Sunmeter Pro Counter – PV Pyranometer – Measure Solar Power & Solar Energy

SUNMETER COUNTER is a radiation and irradiance sensor – the normal radiation measurement functions (W/m2) of the totalizers return the irradiance measurement (Wh/m2). It is essentially a photovoltaic pyranometer used to measure solar power and solar energy.

A powerful and accurate instrument to measure solar power

At the heart of the sensor is a photovoltaic cell laminated with an anti-reflective glass for photovoltaic modules. The advantages of photovoltaic glass, added to the high linearity and stability of our monocrystalline cell, improves the measurement accuracy for all possible sun inclinations.

SUNMETER PRO COUNTER allows an easier, more complete and accurate reading of the performances of a photovoltaic system. In addition, a special counter indicates whether there has been a re-ignition of the sensor: in this way it is possible to know whether the meter indicates a reliable measurement or not, over the measured time.

So, given that measuring irradiance means measuring an instantaneous power, this solarimeter also measures energy as a product of instantaneous power for any given time, which is known as irradiation.

Note: the terms solarimeter, irradiance sensor, pyranometer and calibrated cell are interchangeable. On this site we will use irradiance sensor. To learn more click here.

To be used effectively it is important that the data logger stores the readings and the value of the energy produced by the photovoltaic system at the end of each day. This allows comparison of the energy produced and the irradiance received and accurate calculations of P.R. for each day.

SUNMETER PRO COUNTER is a product intended for System Integrators and monitoring system manufacturers who can use the measurements and readings ​​in their own scripts and programs.


PRODUCT Digital solarimeter
REFERENCE STANDARDS IEC 60904-2; 60904-4; 60904-10; IEC EN 61215, EN 61215
OUTPUT Analog or digital
Calibration All Sunmeters are calibrated with first class reference cell, periodically calibrated against by the Dakks accredited Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.
Input range Irradiance: 0 – 1250 W/m2
Spectral range 0,3 μm – 1,1 μm
Temperature -30/+85 °C
Output Voltage(1) 0 – 10 V, 0 – 5 V
(optional kit for 0 – 40 mV)
Current(1) 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
Digital RS485 standard Modbus RTU
Output precision Irradiance ± 2.1%
Temperature ± 0,5°C
Supply 9 – 30 Vdc protected from reverse polarity and short circuiting
Encapsulation Laminated with glass for photovoltaic modules, E.V.A. UV resistant (see IEC 60904-2)
Casing Aluminum with screw-clamp for mounting
Wire 50cm UV-resistent casing.
Connectors Standard M12 8 pin male IP67 degree
Dimensions 114x70x22mm without the fixing clamp

(1): Digital RS485 is always present on wire n#4 and n#5. Wire n#6 can be configured as voltage or current output. (2): recalibration recommended after 12 months.



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