Sunmeter Pro Wind – Irradiance, Temperature and Wind Speed Sensor

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SUNMETER PRO WIND is a high performance digital solarimeter based on Sunmeter PRO that also gives wind readings thanks to a direct connection to a pulse output anemometer via RS485 Modbus.

A 3-in-1 irradiance, temperature and wind speed sensor

Thanks to its firmware and hardware implementations, SUNMETER PRO WIND measures the irradiance, temperature and wind speed through a direct connection to a PT100 and a pulse anemometer. The anemometer can be connected thanks to a 3-way IP67 connector. With a single device it’s possible to reduce wiring on site and ensure the measurement of temperature and wind speed, reading them in sequence through an RS485 Modbus.
Note: the terms solarimeter, irradiance sensor, pyranometer and calibrated cell are interchangeable. On this site we will use irradiance sensor. To learn more click here.

Key features

  • Monocrystalline silicon cell
  • Inbuilt TZOS® technology for measurement
  • ICE 60904-2 compliant, RS485 standard Modbus RTU for reliable signals up to 500m from the datalogger
  • Uses temperature compensation for more accurate reading.
  • Performance decline of less than 1.5% per year.
  • Gives both analog and digital output, compatible with most of data-loggers.
  • Higher weather resistance.
  • IEC EN 61215 par.10,11,12 compliant (product aging).
  • Fixing brackets for easy installation.
  • High calibration of temperature data for an error less than 1%
  • FREE 12 month recalibration service included.
  • Directly replaces your Sunmeter without any modification to the monitoring system


All Sunmeters are calibrated with our Primary Reference cell, itself calibrated periodically by the Dakks accredited Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.


NOME Sunmeter Pro Wind
PRODOTTO Digital Solarimeter
REFERENZE STANDARD IEC 60904-2;IEC 60904-4;IEC 60904-10
OUTPUT Digital
Calibration Irradiation: by working references calibrated by Fraunhofer Institute Wind: speed constant regulated by anemometer constant
Input range Irradiance: 0 ÷ 1250 W/m2
Spectral range 0,3 μm ÷ 1,1 μm
Temperature -30 ÷ +85 °C
Wind 0÷120 Km/h (max 2 imp. round)
Output Digital RS485 standard Modbus RTU (see IEC 60904-2)
Output precision Irradiance <±2.1% (1). Temperature compensated
Temperature <±0.5°C
Wind Depends on the anemometer used
Type of sensor Photovoltaic pyranometer
Supply 9 ÷ 30 Vdc protected from inverse polarity and short circuiting.
Encapsulation Transparent UV resistant Resin (see IEC 60904-2)
Wire 50cm UV resistant cable with male connector
Connectors With 3-way junction for connection to: – temperature sensor – anemometer – monitoring system – IP67 degree
Dimensions 114x70x22mm without the fixing clamp
IP grade IP 65
(1) Recalibration recommended after the first 18 months, then after 3 years.


Protection against lightening

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