Windmeter – Digital Anemometer

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WindMeter is a high performing digital anemometer (wind gauge), suitable for monitoring wind plants and wind speed in ski lifts, motorways, airports and ridge ways.

Easy mounting anemometer - measure windspeed

WindMeter has been designed to give reliable readings.

The sensor has a mechanical plug-and-play. The use RS485 digital output simplifies the wiring especially in stations with multiple instruments and gauges, so that it’s possible to create a unique chain (bus) at the confluence of the different sensors data.

WindMeter is available with a M8-4 pole connector that allows a faster and superior installation and maintenance, as well as the possibility to install a multi-probe plug&play for easier maintenance controls.

It is compatible with the Ammonit Meteo-40 data-logger (on bus RS485).

Also available in the MEASNET centre’s calibrated version.

Key features

  • Standard Modbus RTU RS485 port to assure correct reading even at 500m distance.
  • Average and maximum wind speed measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Extreme weather resistance
  • Ease of installation to the structures
  • Calibrated one by one, for maximum accuracy
  • Anti-icing option


NAME WindMeter
PRODUCT Digital anemometer or digital wind gauge
REFERENCE STANDARD IEC 61400-12-1, MEASNET (on request)
Output Serial interface RS485
Measured values Wind speed 0-50 m/s (0-180 km/h)
Internal temperature -30 to +85°C
Calibration According to IEC 61400-12-1 Optional: MEASNE
Output Anverage and max windspeed: real-time, 1 min, 2 mins, 5 mins.
Serial interface RS485 half-duplex Modbus RTU
Up to 128 devices on the same line
Selectable termination
Galvanically isolated from power
Protected against power surge and short-circuiting
Accuracy Wind speed ± 3% (Measnet calibrated)
Correlation > 0,99995 St.Err 0,022m/s
Internal temperature ± 3°C (-30 to +85°C)
Supply 5 – 40V DC / 9 – 28V AC
Protected against reverse polarity and overvoltage
Power consumption < 500mW (except heater)
Protection IP65
Electronic circuit sealed
Case Aluminum with 3 screws for direct mounting on poles up to Ø 35mm
Cable 3m long, 4 conductors
Connector Optional
Dimensions 30cm high x 15cm diameter
Options Heater anti ‘icing’ thermoregulated

To achieve optimum measurement during installation please refer to the Annex G in the IEC61400-12-1 standard.


  • Vanemeter
  • Support rod



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