ALLCONFIG is now available on the website!

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ALLCONFIG is now available on the website!

ALLCONFIG.EXE is now available on the website. With this software it’s possibile to perform the diagnostics and configuration of the serial port parameters of: Sunmeter, Litemeter Digital, Pyr1-485, Pyr2-485, Envmeter-485 and Windmeter. 

AllConfig is available for Windows 7 or higher version.

Some of our most loyal customers will say: “Finally!”. In fact, since 2009 there has been SMCONFIG.EXE, which performs the same functions but was designed for Sunmeter.

Operators who wanted to display the values returned by other sensors such as Windmeter or the Thermohygrometer, would  have received values out of scale and with an unit of measurement of an irradiance sensor.

Now, ALLCONFIG automatically recognises the type of sensor connected so you can see the values in the correct scale and unit of measurement, as well as being able to configure the serial port parameters. 

It is a rather compact programme (less than 6Mb of zip space including two very small satellite files).

The other new feature offered by this programme is the possibility of levelling our own thermopile pyranometers with RS485 output by displaying a ‘virtual bubble’ which allows accurate levelling of the pyranometer connected to it.

The programme is currently released as a beta version, so any feedback is appreciated.

Please note that in order to configure a sensor, only the sensor to be configured must be connected and the cable must be suitable (supply voltage greater than or equal to 9V, polarised for RS485). Alternatively, you can purchase the configuration cable from us, which has the advantage of not requiring an external power supply.

Here you can download ALLConfig!


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