PYR1-485 – Class B Thermopile Pyranometer

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PYR1-485 is an ISO 9060:2018 Class B (First Class) Thermopile Pyranometer ideal for scientific and meteorological use, as well as monitoring the efficiency of photovoltaic systems. It comes with RS485 Modbus output line suitable for distances up to 500m.

The PYR1-485 is equipped with electronics board with a microcontroller to manage sampling, average of sampling, temperature reading and RS485 trasmissions. This helps to guarantee rejection from disturbances and constant behavior over intervals of time and temperature variations. The output signal is in ModbusRTU over RS485.

This analog output mode of the signal (current loop) is characterized by a simple wiring (cable with 2 wires), and a high immunity to electromagnetic interference and interference caused by distances of over ten meters.

It is ideal for meteorological use or monitoring photovoltaic performance when this is a requirement in EPC and O&M contracts.

Note: the terms solarimeter, irradiance sensor, pyranometer and calibrated cell are interchangeable. On this site we will use irradiance sensor. To learn more click here.

Key features

  • Thermopile sensor
  • Double dome in hemispherical optical type glass with high transparency
  • Anodized aluminum body ideal for outdoor use
  • Output on RS485 Modbus line, f.s. 1600W/ m2 (± 2W) for distances up to 500m
  • High weather resistance
  • ISO 6090:2018 compliant
  • Accurate calibrations with a Secondary Standard (Class A Thermopile Pyranometer) rechecked every 12 months.

Most common uses of the Class B Thermopile Pyranometer

PYR1-485 is used in meteorological uses and controlling the performance of photovoltaic systems.


PRODUCT PYR1-485 – Class B Thermopile Pyranometer
REFERENCE STANDARD ISO 9060:1990, ISO 9060:2018
OUTPUT Modbus RTU on RS485
Calibration ISO9847 compliant With a Secondary Standard (Class A) Pyranometer, certified calibration
Spectral sensitivity 300 – 2900 nm
Input range 0 – 1600 W/m2
Response time < 20 seconds
Resolution Smallest detectable change ± 4W/m2
Working temperature -40 to +80°C
Field of view 180°
Stability (over 1 year) < ± 1.5%
Output Modbus Adrs.257 Irradiance; Adrs. 34817 Pyr Temp
Supply 9-30V DC protected against short circuit
Encapsulation Quarzo [k5] dome 0.3 – 3 μm
Case Anodized Aluminum
Connector standard female M8 3 pin
Dimensions 162mm diameter x 104mm height



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