Temperature Probe for Photovoltaics – Temmeter

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Temperature Probe for Photovoltaics – Temmeter

Temmeter is a high resistance temperature probe for photovoltaic modules (solar panels), based on a PT100 temperature sensor.

It has strong adhesive fixing for quick and easy installation.

Adhesive fixing makes it cheaper than Temmeter PRO, without sacrificing efficiency.

Temmeter is an easy to install PT100 thermal sensor that does not require a mounting system, as it has a powerful adhesive surface.

The non-hygroscopic white plastic casing is resistant up to 130°C; shows a neutral behavior in temperature measurement even in the presence of direct radiation on the sensor.

Note: Solar modules exposed to high temperature produce less power than same module at 25°C. Correct Performance Ratio (P/R) calculation requires the correct formula. In Southern Europe, PV module temperatures can reach 85°C during the Summer; in those cases the losses of output power are lower of about 25%.

Soluzione Solare temperature probes are designed for outdoor use and rapid response to temperature variations (from several milliseconds to a few seconds) in order to guarantee precise Performance Ratio calculations.

Key features

  • Fast speed of response to temperature variation (under 5 seconds, high thermal transmittance).
  • Strong adhesion even to surfaces with low surface tension such as Tedlar.
  • Measurement precision is above the required standards (PT100 class A sensor).
  • Protected cable.

Note: Remember that for accurate temperature measurements of your solar panels, be ensure to measure the temperature of a representative module of the installation.


PRODUCT Temperature Probe for solar panels.
REFERENCE STANDARDS IEC 60751 (class A), DIN43760 (KL. A).
OUTPUT (Analog) Impedance Variation (PT100 Δ ± 0.3°C).
Sensor casing White plastic anti-shock, with neutral thermal behavior to direct irradiation.
Type of sensor Platinum Thermal Resistor PT100 class A placed to ensure high heat transmittance.
Temperature range -40 ÷ +120°C
Precision ± 0.25°C
Accuracy ± 0.3
Response rate ΔT < 5 seconds x ΔT ≥ 2°C
Adhesive material thickness 0,4mm, suitable for gluing to tedlar and plastic materials with plane surface and medium-low surface tension.
Cable 1,25m with 2/3 poles, shielded, with external insulation. Resistant to high temperature and UV.
Connector M8 a 2 poles IP67 / 3 loose pins (white – red)**
PT100 dimensions 25mm diameter, 4.5mm average thickness

** when ordering, specify version (with M8 connector or loose pins)



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