Windmeter – Digital Anemometer

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WindMeter is a high performance digital anemometer (wind gauge).

This kind of digital anemometer is suitable for monitoring wind plants and wind speed in ski lifts, motorways, airports and ridge ways.

Easy mounting anemometer - measure windspeed

WindMeter has been designed to give reliable readings.

The sensor has a mechanical plug-and-play. The use RS485 digital output simplifies the wiring especially in stations with multiple instruments and gauges, so that it’s possible to create a unique chain (bus) at the confluence of the different sensor data.

WindMeter is available with a M8-4 pole connector that allows a faster and superior installation and maintenance, as well as the possibility of installing a multi-probe plug&play for easier maintenance controls.

It is compatible with the Ammonit Meteo-40 data-logger (on bus RS485).

Also available in the MEASNET centre’s calibrated version.

Key features

  • Standard Modbus RTU RS485 port to assure correct reading even at 500m distance.
  • Average and maximum wind speed measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Extreme weather resistance
  • Ease of installation to the structures
  • Calibrated one by one, for maximum accuracy
  • Anti-icing option


NAME WindMeter
PRODUCT Digital anemometer or digital wind gauge
REFERENCE STANDARDS IEC 61400-12-1, MEASNET (on request)
Output Serial interface RS485
Measured values Wind speed 0÷50 m/s (0-180 km/h)
Internal temperature -30 ÷ +85°C
Calibration Individual according to IEC 61400-12-1; Optional: MEASNET
Measured quantity Time interval Unit
Instantaneous speed 5s m/s; km/h; ft/s; knot; mph
Instant direction 5s ° sexadecimal degree.
Average speed 1; 2; 5; 10 min m/s; km/h; ft/s; knot; mph
Average direction 1; 2; 5; 10 min ° sexadecimal degree.
Vector result speed 5s m/s; km/h; ft/s; knot; mph
Vector result direction 5s m/s; km/h; ft/s; knot; mph
Vector average speed 1; 2; 5; 10 min m/s; km/h; ft/s; knot; mph
Average vector direction 1; 2; 5; 10 min m/s; km/h; ft/s; knot; mph
Accuracy Wind speed ± 3% (Measnet calibrated); Correlation > 0,99995 St.Err 0,022m/s
Internal temperature ± 3°C (-30 to +85°C)
Supply 5 ÷ 40 Vdc / 9 ÷ 28 Vac, consumption <1 W

Protected against reverse polarity and overvoltage

Power consumption < 500mW (except heater)

Protection IP65
Electronic circuit sealed
Case Aluminum with 3 screws for direct mounting on poles up to Ø 35mm
Cable 3m long, 4 conductors
Connector Optional
Dimensions (mm) Body: 223h x 44 Øext; 36 Øint
Options Heater anti-icing thermoregulated

To achieve optimum measurement during installation, please refer to the Annex G in the IEC 61400-12-1 standard.


  • Vanemeter

  • Support rod

  • USB/RS485 interface cable

  • USB/MICRO-USB smartphone adapter

  • Sm configuration for Android smartphone and tablet

    SMCONFIG allows you to configure Windmeter in the field from your Android smartphone. It is no longer necessary to bring sensor back to the laboratory for configuration.

    The software allows you to:

    • configure Windmeter.
    • make a diagnosis of the basic functions.
    • log irradiance, temperature and wind (Sunmeter Wind only) readings.

    The software is available for free on this page in the downloads area. In addition to the software it is necessary to have a USB / RS485 converter, an adapter cable between microUSB/USB and a female connector M8 4 pin.
    In the Download area you can find a wiring diagram of our cable that connects Smartphone/Tablet or PC with windmeter, it takes and transforms the voltage present on the USB (Price on request). Alternatively, it is possible to use other cables with external power supply (9V battery).


Producer Datalogger / Inverter model
Ammonit Ammonit datalogger Meteo-40

Meteo Station: Series Lufft – WS 200


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